Sm4sh Music is a Plugin meant to work with Sm4sh Explorer. As the name implies, it lets the user manipulate Smash 4's music in several ways... with a few limitations. It is currently in Beta Phase.

Usage: Edit

The plugin is opened by hitting the "Plugins" tab in Sm4sh Explorer, then choosing "Sm4sh Music". Then it should load. This application has two modes.

Adding music is fairly simple: place your .nus3bank files in the:

[Sm4sh Explorer directory]\workspace\content\sound\bgm

And before it's name, add "snd_bgm", then the actual name. The name must not contain spaces, as this will clash with SDCafiine. All of this will enable the plugin to read your songs.

"Sound" Tab Edit

This tab is dedicated to the Sounds menu within Smash 4. Here is where you initially add your songs before assigning them to a stage. Add a slot, and edit the "Main BGM" to the desired song's name, then set up all the data you need to set. Setting up text data is not mandatory, but ideal so things don't get too messy. Once you have added songs, you can go mess with the next tab.

"MyMusic Tab" Edit

This one is dedicated to which song can play in which situation, though only limited to stages, despite the plugin showing more situations. To add a song, choose it from the left dropdown menu, then click on "Add". This will set your song to play in that stage. Keep in mind, that there is a 40-song limit on most stages. You can erase a song from playing in that particular stage by hitting the red Cross button, and reorder them with the arrow buttons.

After this, it's a thing of compiling the mod and having Sm4sh Explorer compile it with the rest of your mods.

Usage Quirks: Edit

  • Default BLANK slots can be used, however you must pay really good attention to their properties, and tweak them accordingly.

Special Music Situations Edit

  • Configuring tracks like the CSP versions of Ryu and Ken's themes (That is, a regular version and a "Pinch" version) for a track for Suzaku Castle, on an inserted slot, will result in the first file playing on the stage by default, and the second version playing in the Omega version of the stage. Doing the same for other stages will result in the default track playing for both versions of the selected stage.
  • The music for the Stage Builder can't be changed by simply changing the album theme.

Known Bugs: Edit

  • (0.1 through 0.4) The usage of the "Save Configuration" and "Load Configuration" will prevent the program from properly compiling the data for Sm4sh Explorer, and therefore you, to use, resulting in all changes lost. This was fixed for 0.5.
  • (0.1 through 0.3) In the Sound Test, songs will not display their Game of Origin or Mix Status (Remix, Original, or New Remix) texts, while in the My Music menus, the Mix Status is the only one that will not display. 0.4 fixes this, but you need to work with a clean sounds.msbt file.